Meditations of the In/Corporeal

Meditations of the In/Corporeal is a meditative VR video that ventures into the realm of the queer body, transcending the confines of the gender binary, inspired by Legacy Russell's, "Glitch Feminism." This work engulfs the viewer in a mesmerizing world where the very essence of bodies takes center stage, revealing a battlefield of self-discovery and liberation.

Accompanied by excerpts from "Glitch Feminism," the viewer is guided on a transformative journey, where bodies glitch and transcend established norms. The work challenges the limiting boundaries of binary thinking and celebrates those who courageously resist and defy its confinements.

Through this compelling exploration of the queer body and its harmonious entanglement with the digital realm, Meditations of the In/Corporeal calls upon us to embrace the beauty of fluidity, diversity, and defiance, advocating for a world where everyone can authentically and fearlessly inhabit their own unique form.

Glitched bodies – those that do not align with the cannon of white cisgender heteronormativity – pose a threat to social order… they cannot be programmed.

- Legacy Russell: Glitch Feminism

Meditations of the In/Corporeal was made possible thanks to UAL Collections.