Ori Inu Choose a head to proceed

                                                      ori-inu ("inner head") - a personal spirit that guides an individual's destiny.                     Ori meaning “head,” that is, the physical human head, refers to one's spiritual intuition and destiny.              

OI is a culmination of my recent practice and research into Pan-Africanism and healing. With roots in West African spirituality (specifically those native to Yorubaland) and contemporary cross-continental Black culture, these 360 videos seek to create a virtual safe space.

Existing as a contemporary capsule of the collective Black experience and working through the trauma related to visualisations of Black people historically and contemporarily.

The project seeks to forge a virtual safe space in which Black people of the diaspora can discover and explore healing, away from the imminent trauma and dangers posed by existence in a multitudinously racist & biased society.